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Medicinal Herb Plants Nursery is a small family business located in the Northern California Town of Orleans, tucked between mountain ranges in the Klamath River Valley. We are a woman owned nursery, and specialize in providing certified Organic Medicinal herb plants to our customers nation-wide!! We offer Herbs from many Herbal traditions including Ayurveda, TCM, Native American and European.

There is magic in the relationship you develop with the Healing Herbs in your garden. This magic consists not only of the properties of these Herbs, but in the strong sense of connection and empowerment that comes from growing, collecting, and using the Medicinal Herbs that you have grown. There are endless options for incorporating Medicinal Herbs into your landscape from annuals to shrubs and trees.

Medicinal Herb Plants - Raspberry

Inter-planting some rows of annual Herbs in the veggie garden such as Ashwagandha, Tulsi Basil or Spilanthes will reap you an enormous harvest, attract lots of bees and beneficial insects and be a beautiful display amongst the vegies. Planting an Elderberry, a Rose and a Hawthorn between you and your annoying neighbor along with a passionflower on a trellis and you have privacy, plus you have invested in long term herbal bounty as well.

If you want a tea garden but are nervous about invasive mints, grow your tea herbs in large planters near your door where they are easy to snip fresh and will waft their heady aroma as you brush past them regularly. A couple of scented geraniums or lavenders added to the container garden will also sweeten the air of your patio or deck. That shady area under the huge Maple Tree in your yard might be perfect for planting some Goldenseal, Black and Blue Cohosh, or Blood Root, all of which are at risk in their wild habitats due to deforestation and over harvesting.

Medicinal Herb Plants - Thai Basil

We are very grateful here at Medicinal Herb Plants Nursery to be sharing our passion for growing as many different types of medicinal plants as possible, and watching our customers discover the joy and satisfaction of growing their own Medicinal Herbs!!!

Our Medicinal Herb Plants are shipped as quickly as possible to your home as established, well rooted starts in large 3-1/2 inch pots. Plants are carefully packed and after acclimating are ready to plant in your garden.

Our Medicinal Herb Plants are guaranteed to be healthy, free of disease and properly labeled. We ship live plants from late March through November.

Wishing you many peaceful moments watching your Herb plants grow!!

Tina Glaessner
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